Garage Doors

Being knowledgeable about your garage door will not only make you a better homeowner, it can also keep you prepared to deal with any challenges that might come up in the future. If you're someone who's looking to boost your home's security or its curb appeal, keeping informed about the different types of garage door options out there can be a great way to give your home a subtle makeover. Whether you're just looking to do some simple home improvement projects or you're looking at a total renovation, take a minute to get acquainted with the different types of garage doors that are available.


When it comes to points of style, there are a lot of considerations to take into account. If you're building a new garage and want it to have a visual rapport with your house or your neighborhood, you'll want to get as specific and detailed as possible with your remodel. However, if you're just looking for something new, there are a bunch of options to choose from. For classics, an elegant carriage door is a great option. Designed to look like an older fixture of a classic home, these swing doors can open outward or inward to maximize space. For modernists, paneled doors that fold into a ceiling compartment can be a great option. For those who are looking for something in between, a simple single-panel sliding door is a utilitarian and timeless option.


If you're looking at a newer garage door model, chances are you'll have to choose between a chain drive and a belt drive. While chain drives are a less expensive option, more and more modern homes are choosing belt driven doors for their silent, smooth function and their easily automated security features. However, if you're remodeling on a budget and noise is not a concern, you might want to consider choosing the classic drive for your door.


Depending on a homeowner's style and specific needs, there are many different materials available to choose from to elevate a garage door's style and function. Wood is one of the more expensive materials, and it also requires a great deal of maintenance, especially for homes located in damp, cold, or unpredictable climates. Double steel is a great option for paneled doors, especially if you're looking to have your door insulated. Aluminum stands among some of the less expensive and sturdier options that require less maintenance, along with fiberglass and vinyl.


When it comes to your garage door's security, the features you choose can be as high tech or low tech as you desire. From remote controls to smartphone apps, the options for protecting, operating, and insulating your garage door are virtually endless. If you're someone with a large family, it's always a good idea to consider a high tech opener that allows multiple digital accounts to apply to a single home. If you're someone who's less concerned with having a lot of different security features and options, a keypad or simple remote control may suffice.