Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener can do many things for your garage's security, as well as your home security. With newer, high tech options on the market, select garage door openers can do a great job of protecting your garage from intruders while allowing you and your loved ones to enter and exit with ease. Selecting the right garage door opener depends on what your priorities are in terms of your garage. Are you looking for a specific type of drive? Are you concerned about noise? Are you mainly worried about security and privacy? No matter what your concerns, chances are there's a garage door opener out there that meets all of your needs.


The first thing to know about different garage door opener types is how they function. If you live in an older home, your garage might run on an older type of technology called a screw drive. Screw drives are simple: They usually utilize a steel rod to move your garage door into open and closed positions. There isn't a lot of opportunity for new technology or advanced security options for these older systems. If you live in a newer home, chances are your garage functions on a chain or belt drive. These drives use a more sophisticated type of technology to open your garage door and can be easily automated. Belt drives are preferred for homeowners that don't want to deal with noise, and chain drives are a great option if noise is not a concern.


With modern garage door openers, security is a built-in priority. While older doors used to use keypads or physical keys to allow their owners access to the garage, newer doors come with pre-installed security settings and options to allow multiple accounts access to your garage without conflict. This means that if you have a large family with many different household cars, you never need to worry about passing around a key or losing access entirely.


Newer garage door openers can be synchronized with specific smartphone apps like MyQ to create even more individualized security settings for you and your family. Through the app, you can easily reset or reprogram your opener, change passwords and codes, and add or delete certain accounts to reflect any changes in your household. The app also works with your phone to communicate with your opener as you near your residence, making getting back into your driveway a completely seamless process.


If you're dealing with an older type of drive, there are many reasons to get an upgrade. However, if your garage door opener was manufactured before 1993, an upgrade is absolutely essential. Because of new security features and protocol added after 1993, all doors manufactured beforehand lack certain crucial security measures. Even if your garage door has all the updated security features, there could be several other issues, like noise, accessibility, and privacy, which make the switch to a newer model necessary. If you're interested in replacing your garage door opener for a new, more efficient model, contact a professional today.