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Garage Door Repair

El Monte, CA

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Garage Door Rails Repair Service

El Monte


Review: The rails of my garage door was not in a good shape and I suspect that it was the reason why it won’t open. I hired the experts of this company to help with the repairs. I was surprised with their responsiveness and how professional they were. Thank you for the great service.

Good to know that you love our service. We strive to make sure that we are capable of fixing any garage door issues.

Service: Garage Door Rails
Product: Rails

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Garage Door Styles

El Monte


Review: Our garage door has been having issues because it was poorly built. We gave DoReMi Door a call and they came right away and repaired it like it was new again. However, because of the poor style the garage door fell apart once more and they came again, free of charge, to put the garage door back in place. I have no idea where we would be without them. Thank you.

We are appreciating your great positive feedback Ma'am Linda Dukes and we were trained our technician to provide expert service in our all customer.

Service: Garage Door Styles
Product: Style

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Garage Door Repair

El Monte


Review: I had an old garage door that got so annoying to use. I reach out to this DoReMi Door asking for the best course of action to take. They told me that there’s no way to give an accurate recommendation without seeing the problem. So, they went to my home to check the condition of the door. It was in bad shape and needed to be replaced. The technician explained the garage door installation process and how much I needed to shell out. It was a reasonable amount for such a fast and efficient service.

Hi, John! Your previous garage door has served you well over the years. We hope your new door will give you even more bang for your buck!

Service: Garage Door Installation
Product: Garage Door

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Garage Door Installation

El Monte


Review: My garage door spring was broken and needed repaired. This was an ongoing problem that I let go on for too long. I finally started asking around about garage door repair companies and heard really great things about this DoReMi Door. I called them and set up an appointment for them to take a look at it and determine the problem. They quickly figured out what was wrong with it and got it working again.

So happy to hear you were satisfied with our garage door repair service! We strive for excellence by our excellent technician Dor.

Service: Garage Door Spring Repair
Product: Spring

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